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About us

AMPEC is established by former specialists of global consulting firms to focus on assisting clients design and implement technology transformation programs.

AMPEC Business Solutions Inc. is a business and technology consulting firm specialized in delivering strategic and operational information technology solutions for companies. In addition to providing system integration services for end-to-end SAP implementations, AMPEC’s focus also includes ERP evaluation & audits, project management, cloud solutions and providing consulting and application management (AM) services to the clients across utilities, consumer goods, telecom, education, and manufacturing industries.


Some consulting organizations deliver report and point you towards a destination; we deliver results because we go on the journey with you, in partnership. If the need arises, we help you change course. If there’s a better way to get there, we’ll recommend it.

Delivering sustainable bottom-line results to our clients is at the core of everything we do. We have embedded results as the central tenant in all our methodologies, our culture – even our recruitment, reward and staff recognition processes – because we know that if you are successful, we will be too.


AMPEC is one of very few truly independent professional firms capable of managing, advising and implementing large-scale SAP initiatives.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that as a fully independent advisor, there is no conflict of interest in the advice we provide. Our quality assurance procedures ensure we do not enter into any relationships that create conflict for our clients.

Our unbiased perspective enables us to make independent, informed technology recommendations based on rigorous analysis and analytics and real business need to develop and deliver the best solutions – and real results.


Experience counts. Our experience gives us unique insights into the challenges others have faced. Our experience enables us to work comfortably with people at all levels of an organization, in a wide range of industries. Our experience gives us the capability to analyze complex issues and develop innovative, practical solutions that we see through to implementation.

We beautify, simplify and extend the reach of your applications.


SAP Application Management/ Housekeeping

Maintaining maximum availability of a company’s systems while keeping costs under control is important for any organization but, for smaller businesses, it is critical. Here at AMPEC, we believe that the key to achieving this is preventing issues from occurring rather than fixing the symptoms when they appear.

The secret to achieving this is an approach based on undertaking a combination of proactive system related house-keeping tasks together with an automated alert service where AMPEC’s support team are alerted to the building of a situation before that situation gives rise to a serious issue. The tools provided within SAP’s Solution Manager system are an integral part of the delivered system and are a significant facilitator to achieving this thereby minimizing the cost of owning an SAP system.

AMPEC’s SAP Applications Management service extends our support services to remote system monitoring also through the use of SAP’s Solution Manager.

We undertake daily, weekly and monthly scheduled activities on the system to ensure potential issues are identified before they impact an organization’s business operations.

These services include:

* Ensuring systems are up and running correctly

* Checking for alerts in system monitors

* Checking for hanging or stopped work processes

* Checking system logs for errors

* Reviewing system and database performance

* Database capacity review and planning

* Undertaking any remedial actions as required

Rounding out these activities, we also undertake:

* User security reviews and audits

* User profile and authorization reviews and maintenance

* Testing backup and restore processes

* Data archiving

* Review and testing of disaster recovery procedures

* Hardware and software maintenance contract review

* Applying support packages

* Applying database patches

* Technical upgrades

* Server migration

* As a result of this focus, AMPEC’s system-monitoring and preventative maintenance service is one of our fastest growing services.

Program/ Project Management

AMPEC delivers more SAP projects in North America, Europe and Asia, for large enterprises and mid-size companies and for a broad range of SAP solutions – including full, end-to-end ERP implementations.

This unparalleled experience is leveraged by our Project Managers to provide

certainty and clarity for both project delivery teams and the customer.

Our dedicated Project Managers use the AMPEC Delivery Framework, a refined version of SAP’s ASAP methodology and SAP’s ASAP Focus methodology, which we have modified to better suit our businesses.

Used in more than 2,000 projects worldwide, the ASAP methodology supports the entire team, both internal team members from the customer and external consultants: project management, business process consultants and the technical areas.

We complement this road map with Best Practices and Industry Solution processes, disciplines, tools and templates to enable a rapid, low-risk implementation approach. The benefits from this approach include the ability to reduce implementation times while mitigating risk, without compromising to the quality of the outcome.


AMPEC’s Cloud specialists assist organizations by defining and enabling a Cloud Roadmap strategy across the enterprise.

With certified professionals, a dedicated support team and large wider consulting group, AMPEC is able to offer complete managed platform services and expert support for business applications.

AMPEC has the size, capability and experience to be your trusted cloud partner:

* Managed cloud services

* Billing management and spend optimization

* Architectural and consulting services

* Cloud adoption and transformation guidance

* Automated deployment, migration and operations.

AMPEC offers customers a range of Cloud deployment models and managed service levels to extend or extract greater value from their SAP investments.

The benefits of AMPEC’s cloud services include:

* Flexibility and dynamic scalability

* Outsourced system administration and monitoring

* Reduced spending on technology infrastructure

* Reduced capital costs

* Faster time to market for new application deployment

* Saved costs through standardization


AMPEC provides high-quality implementation and consulting services across all SAP mainstream applications and technologies. We leverage our extensive SAP knowledge and experience to help our customers enhance their operational performance and maintain competitive advantage.

We are continually updating our knowledge of the industries in which we work, ensuring that the systems we implement for our clients deliver verifiable business results and incorporate relevant global best practices.

Our implementation services cover the entire project including:

* Project and program management

* Design and functional configuration

* Implementation management

* Testing

* Training

* Application development & systems management

AMPEC was developed around our aim to support our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their ownership of an SAP system from installation, housekeeping and system management, through to support, maintenance and continual improvement services.

Today we have over 30 permanent staff spread across our offices in Canada and India comprised of skills that cover the entire range of mainstream SAP system applications and technologies.

Our goal is to lower the cost of ownership through the delivery of quick and well-managed implementations. This in turn enables our clients to quickly start

to realize returns from their investment in SAP.

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